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What was a cause of Dr Reed's death?
How is Mrs Reed? Is she OK?

The best description of the reason for Dr Reed's death is probably general organ failure. He was very weak, and there was simply nothing that any of his doctors (six of them) could do. Mrs Reed is simply devastated. She is also very fragile, but more mentally than physically, as perhaps you already know. I have talked with her and/or her son every day since last Thursday. There will be no funeral or memorial service because she does not feel that she can face a public ceremony, even a small one.

All best wishes

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I offer condolence heartily to the report of death of Doctor Alfred Reed.
Let me know the schedule because I want to attend a funeral, too.

Dear Kin--As of yesterday, Mrs Reed had decided on cremation for Dr Reed's remains. There has been no discussion at all about a funeral or any kind of memorial service. Regarding the Kawasaki march, Mrs Reed says that Dr Reed had not started writing it.

All best wishes
Clark McAlister

Sun, 18 Sep 2005 13:19:07 -0400

Alfred Reed 1921-2005

Alfred Reed passed away yesterday afternoon, 17 September. His gift to the world is a body of music that will continue to thrill, charm and delight audiences in virtually every country of the world, as it has done for the last fifty years. His gift to those of us blessed to have known him was a kind and generous spirit that is all too rare.
I cannot begin to reach everyone who has known and loved Dr. Reed and his music. May I therefore ask those of you receiving this email to forward it to those known to you who would want to be made aware of this most sad event.
Memorial arrangements are pending. Please understand and respect the family's need for quiet time and privacy by withholding all telephone communications with them until at least Monday, 19 September.
Thank you

Clark McAlister

Sat, 17 Sep 2005 19:31:36 -0400

It is with regret that I must inform you that
at 1600 EST 9/17/2005 Dr Alfred Reed
Passed away in the ICU of Doctors Hospital
Coral Gables, Fla

Richard J Reed
Alfred Reed's Son